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norm-critical Psychologist and couples therapist 
Sophie Buch

I'm a trained psychologist, MSc in psych., from Aarhus University, where I found a great interest in developing online therapy, working with couples and going deeper into understanding attachment and relationship dynamics.

Since then I have become enormously fascinated with the tendency to people-please - i.e. putting other people's needs before our own, doing everything to avoid conflict, having difficulty setting boundaries and saying no. It has become a huge passion for me!

Over time, I have worked a lot with being exposed to psychological violence in close relationships. Knowledge is essential when you are in the middle of it, which is why I have started a podcast about the topic - it's called Freeze or Fawn, and you can find it on Spotify.

I'm norm-critical, feminist, and LGBTQ+ minded in both my work and private life. This means that I challenge norms, stereotypes, societal discourses, gender- and sexuality understandings. This also means that anyone is welcome with me, and you'll always be met as the holistic being you are. 

I am the psychologist for you who:

  • tend to please others (perhaps you see yourself as a people-pleaser)

  • have experienced, are experiencing or are in doubt as to whether you are experiencing psychological violence

  • have experienced sexual violence – also digitally

  • struggle to find yourself and believe in yourself

  • experience overwhelming emotions

  • have difficulty setting boundaries, speaking up and demanding something from others

  • would like to understand yourself and your attachment pattern

  • struggle with harmful coping strategies such as eating disorders, overeating, self-harm or people-pleasing

  • have too high expectations of yourself and are a perfectionist

  • are stressed and burnt out

  • have problems in relationships with others

I am also the couples therapist for YOU, there

  • want to rediscover the spark

  • stuck in the same arguments

  • have difficulty meeting and understanding each other

  • missing presence and intimacy

  • need help finding a new way to communicate

  • stuck in everyday practicality and have lost closeness

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