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What is violence?

When you're living in a dysfunctional and violent relationship, the violence is often normalised. It can be very hard to realize and determine that what is happening is violence. Especially the psychological violence and emotional abuse can seem almost invisible and hidden.

The way out of this suffocating relationship is long, painful and confusing. Often the breakup (or breakups) is messy, boundaries are blurry, and energy is low.

In most cases the way out will not be linear or straight forward. You may go back several times and take another round. This is normal and there are many reasons why we go back. 

In the process of healing after an abusive relationship, knowledge is crucial. Knowledge about why we are so drawn to the person and the relationship, why we stayed, and why we go back. 

Once you start seeking knowledge, you'll often start to see a pattern. You'll see that most dysfunctional relationships have a lot in common, just like many of the experienced emotions are experienced by others in a similar situation as well. 

On my page you can read about violence and find recommendations for books, podcasts, articles and other.

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