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Psychologist and couples therapist Sophie Buch

Therapy with me

Who am I?

I am a trained psychologist, MSc in psych., from Aarhus University, where I found a great interest in developing online therapy, working with couples and going deeper into understanding attachment and relationship dynamics.

Since then I have become enormously preoccupied with the tendency to people-please - i.e. putting other people's needs before our own, doing everything to avoid conflict, having difficulty setting boundaries and saying no. It has become a huge passion for me!

Over time, I have worked a lot with being exposed to psychological violence in close relationships. Knowledge is essential when you are in the middle of it, which is why I have started a podcast.

For me, therapy is about the relationship you and I create. Key words for me are authenticity, presence, empathy, warmth, spaciousness and connectedness.

I believe that one of the most important aspects of mental well-being is the relationships we find ourselves in. That is, relationships with others, the environment, nature, the universe, ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings, our history, our bodies. All these relationships need curiosity and nurturing. This mindset largely defines the essence of me, both professionally in therapy and personally in life. A fascination of mine is the depth of emotion we are capable of feeling, and I myself spend a lot of time exploring and expressing this through writing, art and conversation (with myself and others).


Therapeutically, I am driven by the completely unique that occurs here-and-now, where empathy and presence allow vulnerability to unfold. For a long time I have been interested in how exactly this completely unique space of empathy and presence between therapist and client arises in an online setting. It means a lot to me to help create this, because I believe that the online world offers us unique opportunities to connect and relate.

Therapeutic point of view

I work therapeutically eclectically - that is, I am not guided by one direction or one manual, but draw on the knowledge that is relevant to the individual person I sit with and the relationship we create.

I am trained in and strongly inspired by ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and EFT - Emotion Focused Therapy, because the theoretical standpoints of these approaches resonate with my own emotional and psychological experience of existence.

Psychologist and couples therapist Sophie Buch

Both allow a good degree of humor in therapy, which proves healing time and time again. Life is painful and suffering a condition of life, and I believe in the healing power of presence, connections to others, and self-care. In good interaction with EFT and ACT, my basic view of the psyche is in the more in-depth and psychodynamic area.


I am passionate about helping my clients live their best lives. Being able to do this involves clarifying values - what is important to us? Who do we want to be? What do we stand for? It involves self-insight and self-understanding - why are we the way we are? What common thread is there in our telling of our life story?

Through exploration and challenge, I help you overcome what stands in the way of the value-based life.

I enjoy both the longer and shorter courses, which have different unique characteristics.

I am trained in short-term therapy and am therefore relatively quick to find out what is important. You will therefore experience getting something already in the first conversation. At the same time, one of the most precious things for me in my work is being allowed to walk with my clients on the sidelines through life. This is an honor for which I am deeply grateful on a daily basis.

I use myself in the therapy, and therefore the most important thing is the relationship between you and me. It is, of course, respectful, and you are always the main character in our conversations. In our conversations, however, I also get thoughts, feelings and insights, and I always want to share them with you. So in me you get an active psychologist who asks questions and challenges!

In therapy with me, you meet me as the whole person I am, and I hope we can meet each other with curiosity.

Feel free to read my blog posts to understand even more about what I am passionate about as a psychologist.

You are also welcome to read about my personal story, listen to my podcast, see my prices or my CV. Click on the buttons below. 

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