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On 10 June 2023, the anthology Take Back the Vote - Testimony of Violence was published by Forlaget Silkefyret.

The book is a collection of different stories told by different women, of different ages and backgrounds. The project is managed by writer Anna Klahn, who in 2022 started a writing group for abused women. In the writing group, we had to break the silence and take back our voice. The book is the culmination of the emancipation process that we in the group were all engaged in. 

The stories in the book are our own and depict violence in close relationships, both when it is obvious and when it is most hidden. Being in an abusive relationship can be one of the most isolating and lonely things. Reading other people's stories and reflecting on their experience can be decisive.  

I wrote my contribution to the book with a desire to show what a dysfunctional relationship looks like from the inside. I wanted to show the barbs of the emotional hooks, why you are there, why you stay, why you might always long. I wanted to show how ugly the beautiful in the relationship is, and how beautiful the ugly can look when you're in it. 


Buy the book through Forlaget Silkefyret.

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