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Did you grow up with a feelingEsically immature parent? Parents who didn't accommodate you and teach you how to take care of yourself and give space to your emotions? Did you grow up with a parent who criticized you, scolded you, punished you, turned a plate out of the blue so that you could never count on them? Was your parent the eternal victim and martyr? Were you always wrong?

Perhaps you can recognize the following from your childhood:

  • you walked on eggshells 

  • you tried to be perfect 

  • you could never count on whether you got rice or praise

  • you were quiet and submitted

  • you were punished

  • you were ignored and kept out

  • you had a stomach ache all the time at home


Growing up with a narcissistic parent, or an emotionally unavailable parent, has serious consequences for us in adulthood. We learn that we, our feelings and needs are a burden to others and that the best thing is to just adapt. 

If we are stuck in such a pattern, which we have with us from childhood, then we experience: 

  • pleaser tendencies

  • stress and burnout

  • conflict shyness and conflict avoidance

  • emotional imbalance 

  • anxiety in close relationships

  • self-sacrificing behavior

  • insecure self-esteem

  • feeling of wrongness

  • abandonment anxiety


It is time to reverse the pattern, learn to stand firmly in a strong and loving place inside yourself, so that you can start living your life. 

I believe it can be enormously healing to meet others who have experienced something similar. That's why I'm starting group courses that deal with growing up with a narcissistic or emotionally unavailable/unaccountable parent. 


The purpose of the course is to accommodate and process what we have experienced, as well as prepare us to enter into a healthy relationship with ourselves and others.

Do you want a place and kick-start your life?


The course costs DKK 2000 - DKK 400 per time. The course is paid in full one week before the course starts.


I look forward to!


In this group therapy course, we focus on meeting each other where we are. Some have already worked with and processed a lot, for others it is completely new. We help each other to understand and see what really happened, while we support each other in the grief and pain of realizing that the parent you have will never be the one you want.


It is an amazingly overwhelming feeling to share your story with others who have experienced something similar. It is enormously empowering to take back the power over your own narrative, and this is exactly what we focus on in the process.


In this group, it is not about claiming the truth, but about recognizing each other and ourselves in what we have been through. With each other as a safe base, we help each other to understand our own patterns, and we support each other for a future filled with healthy and warm love. 


The course is led by psychologist Sophie Buch, who specializes in working with psychological violence.


Please contact me to hear more:

OR register now:

What you get out of and learn in the course:
  • Reflections and sparring in a confidential community

  • Learn to set limits and articulate needs

  • Build a strong self-esteem 

  • Learning self-care and self-love

  • Learning about growing up with an emotionally immature parent

  • Dealing with guilt, shame and other difficult emotions 

  • Dealing with grief over the parent's shortcomings

  • Understand own patterns 

  • Tools for love and self-love

  • Relevant exercises


5 meetings in Aarhus
2 hours each time

Hvis the second week
Start March
Price: NOK 2000 (400 per meeting)

Obligation upon registrationif you attend all meetings

SUBSCRIBE TO sophiebuch@protonmail
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