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I am passionate about spreading knowledge about psychological violence and dysfunctional relationships, and see it as extremely necessary and preventive. Mental violence makes us sick and has massive consequences for the individual, but also society. Psychological violence affects many more people than we think.

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Why book lectures?

Psychological violence  is still deeply taboo - regardless of whether it takes place in family relationships, couples or in the workplace. If you experience psychological violence, it can have massive and violent consequences - psychologically and physiologically. We simply get sick from psychological violence. 

To combat psychological violence, we MUST and SHOULD spread knowledge. When clients come to me, they often know very little about what psychological violence actually is, what it feels like and what consequences it has. In the course of therapy after psychological violence, a decisive factor is knowledge. It is simply part of the treatment that you have to learn about what has actually happened to you. 

I believe that if we spread knowledge, educate and educate people about psychological violence, many more people will be able to avoid ending up in dysfunctional relationships that may sicken them for life. That's why I give presentations and lectures, and teach psychological violence. 

Lectures are arranged for the audience. I enjoy teaching young people, where the focus is often on understanding what a dysfunctional relationship really is. At the same time, it is extremely important to have a relative focus, because most relatives need advice on how to handle the situation. Psychological violence also takes place in workplaces and this is also an important area. 

What do you get?

  • Expert knowledge of psychological violence

  • Thorough introduction to the dynamics of violence

  • Detailed understanding of the hidden psychological violence

  • First-hand accounts of psychological abuse

  • Relatable Examples 

  • Empowering focus on boundary setting and healthy relationships

  • Counseling for relatives

  • A committed and passionate teacher 

Contact me to hear more

Contact me and we will have a chat about your wishes and needs.

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