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Group course:
After Psychological Violence

Group therapy in Aarhus

5 meetings

Twice a month, 2 hours

Small intimate group

Get on healthy

Continuous start-up of groups (next February)
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The road out of an abusive relationship is long and difficult and convoluted and far from finished when we leave the dysfunctional relationship. It is a complicated process to recognise, understand, accept and accept what has happened in the relationship - a process that is often characterized by great confusion and grief. 

Violence is many things, sometimes it is obvious and other times it is immeasurably hidden. The dysfunctional couple relationship leaves deep wounds and scars, but also a deep addiction, which we must gradually fight. 


Many are left with a toxic relationship and are deeply confused about what really happened. They may be torn between a great longing and at the same time guilt and shame for missing someone who treated them so badly. Maybe they are torn between remembering all the good things, the falling in love and the feeling that it was just the right thing, and then on the other hand the terrible arguments, being ignored, spoken to badly, broken up with or the like. It could also be that they are in the middle of having to decide what was a lie and what was true from what was said in the relationship.  

After psychological violence, you can experience: 

  • feeling of wrongness

  • guilt and shame

  • abandonment anxiety

  • emptiness

  • longing and hope

  • confusion

  • exhaustion 

  • stress, depression and anxiety

  • self-blame

  • fear of new relationships


In this group therapy course, we focus on meeting each other where we are. For some the relationship is far behind, for others it is still ongoing. We help each other to understand and see what has actually been going on, while we support each other in the grief and pain of leaving one's abuser, which has also been a big dream and future. 


It is an amazingly overwhelming feeling to share your story with others who have experienced something similar. It is enormously empowering to take back the power over your own narrative, and this is exactly what we focus on in the process. We fight the suffocating lies of psychological violence with self-love and care for each other. 


In this group, it is not about claiming the truth, but about recognizing each other and ourselves in what we have been through. With each other as a safe base, we help each other to understand our own patterns, and we support each other for a future filled with healthy and warm love. 


The course is led by psychologist Sophie Buch, who specializes in working with psychological violence.


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